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Pope High School Volleyball Booster Club, Inc. - Bylaws

ARTICLE I – Name and Purpose1.1 The name of this non-profit organization shall be Pope High School Volleyball Booster Club, Inc.

1.2 The primary purpose of this non-profit voluntary organization, hereinafter referred to as “PHSVBC” or “association”, is to promote, encourage, direct and operate volleyball programs for the students of Pope High School and feeder schools. The association shall also strive to promote high academic standards and good sportsmanship through its athletic programs and activities and for the benefit of the community.

1.3 The association’s mission is to foster student excellence by developing athletes in the sport of volleyball at the highest competitive level while maintaining high academic standards.

1.4 The association’s impact statement is stated as the Pope HS Volleyball Booster Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization with programs designed to provide proper tools and support by empowering students interested in the sport of volleyball and developing their athleticism and skills in order to compete at the highest possible levels in cooperation with but not limited to, the Pope High School athletic and academic leadership, Pope Foundation and other Booster Clubs, feeder school leadership, local and national business partners, parents, students and coaches.

ARTICLE II – Membership and Dues
2.1Any person(s) having an active participation in PHSVBC is eligible for membership. Active participations can be obtained through paid participation in any programs offered by the club or volunteering time in advancement of the association’s mission.

2.2 PHSVBC shall at all times observe all local, state and federal laws which apply to non-profit organizations as defined in Article 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

2.3 The Board of Directors shall, by a majority, have the power and authority to expel from membership any person or persons whose activities might be termed detrimental to, or inconsistent with, the by-laws, Code of Conduct, and/or the basic principles of this association.

2.4 The Executive Director in conjunction with Board of Directors will determine the various teams’ fees annually along with a need for any additional dues as necessary.

2.5 The refund policy shall be as follows: full refund of registration will only be allowed up to but not including the first official tryout or practice of each respective sport or activity. Exceptions may be made by the Executive Board.

ARTICLE III – Meetings
3.1 A meeting of the members for the election of Officers, Board of Directors, of the association shall be held annually. Nominations shall be received by seven (7) days prior to end of season Board of Directors meeting of each year. Elections shall be held at the end of season membership association meeting of each year. Elected Officers and Directors shall take office beginning January 1 and serve one year.

3.2 Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall take place as deemed appropriate by the board. The Membership association shall hold a minimum of two meetings of the general membership each year. These two meetings shall take place at the beginning and end of the high school volleyball season. Membership association meetings may be rescheduled due to unforeseen conflicts in scheduling upon approval by the Board of Directors and communicated to the association members.

3.3 Any action required or permitted to be taken at a meeting of the Board of Directors may be taken without a meeting if written consent setting forth the action so taken shall be signed (electronic signatures are acceptable) by all the Directors and filed with the minutes of the proceeding with the Secretary/ Parliamentarian,. Such consent shall have the same force and effect as a unanimous vote.

3.4 A quorum for the transaction of business at any regular or special meeting of the Board shall consist of more than 50% or half of the voting members of the Board. The act of majority of the directors at a physical meeting, in which a quorum is present, shall be considered an act of the entire Board. A written report of the business transacted at each Board meeting shall be made by the Secretary/ Parliamentarian, at the next meeting of the Board.

3.5 Special meetings of the general membership may be called for any lawful purpose provided ten (10) petitioning active members in good standing so indicate their assent to such a call or provided any officer or three or more directors call the meeting.

3.6 Any number of members present in excess of ten (10), excluding Board members, at any called association meeting of the general membership constitutes a quorum. Voting shall be a majority vote cast in person or electronically.

3.7 Any motions presented, by the Board of Directors, to the general membership of the association, shall be automatically approved in the absence of an association quorum.

3.8 An Officer of the association may be removed by majority vote of the Board of Directors whenever, in their judgment, the best interest of the association will be served by the removal.

3.9 A member of the Association may be removed by majority vote of the Board of Directors whenever, in their judgment, the best interest of the association will be served by the removal.

ARTICLE IV – Governance
4.1 At a date determined by the incorporators, the first five, (5), Board of Directors, Officers, will be elected. Officers shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary/ Parliamentarian, Treasurer and Fundraising Chair will serve one year and elections will be held annually hence after. Executive Director (Head Coach) will be appointed by the Pope High School Athletic Director. Board and Committee members must serve to support the organization’s mission without any conflict of interest that would benefit the officer or member financially.

ARTICLE IV – Governance
4.1 At a date determined by the incorporators, the first five, (5), Board of Directors, Officers, will be elected. Officers shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary/ Parliamentarian, Treasurer and Fundraising Chair will serve one year and elections will be held annually hence after. Executive Director (Head Coach) will be appointed by the Pope High School Athletic Director. Board and Committee members must serve to support the organization’s mission without any conflict of interest that would benefit the officer or member financially.

4.2 In cases of Board resignation, an interim officer can be appointed until next year’s elections by the President.

4.3 The Executive Board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary/ Parliamentarian, Treasurer and Fundraising Chair. Two or more members of the same immediate family may not serve on the Executive Board at the same time. All above members shall be voting members. No one shall be eligible to hold any of these offices who is not a member of the association. This will be a policy making board and will have the responsibility for setting policy as it pertains to the association. The Board will be responsible for the approval of all fund-raisers. The Board shall act as the appeals board should anyone’s right to participate in the association be terminated for one or more reasons and other matters relevant to the operation of the association. The Board shall approve all contracts pertaining to the association entered into by any member of the association, shall make a final decision regarding any changes in sport affiliation, and implement and enforce the policies of the association.

4.4 The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association and Chairman of the Board of Directors charged with the duty of supervising all its functions subject to policy direction from the Board of Directors. The President shall be responsible for the implementation of the total association program and shall see that the policies set by the Board be carried out by each participant in the association. The President shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the nomination Committee. The President of the association shall only
vote in case of a tie. The President and Treasurer shall be a signer of association checks and other legal instruments.

4.5 The Vice President shall have all such powers and duties as generally are incidental to the position of Vice-President as may be assigned to him/her by the President or the Board of Directors. He/she shall assume the duties of the President when the President cannot perform them. The Vice-President shall assist the President in the furtherance of his/her duties as might be requested by the President.

4.6 The Secretary/ Parliamentarian, shall be responsible for keeping all books and records of the association in an organized, concise fashion, including the minutes of the Board of Directors and association meetings, as well as maintaining the membership roster. The Secretary/ Parliamentarian, shall provide such assistance to the President as may from time to time be requested. The Parliamentarian part of this role shall maintain governance and ensure fair and equity among membership. He/she shall ensure procedures follow Roberts Rule of Order when not specifically identified by the association bylaws

4.7 The Treasurer shall be the Chief Financial Officer of the Association, shall have and keep accurate financial records of disbursements and receipts of all money received by the association or its committees from whatever sources, shall coordinate the receiving and deposition of all fund-raising, registration and sponsor money, shall review and reconcile the bank statement monthly. The Treasurer will maintain cash verification forms and ensure that money is counted and signed for by a board member. The Treasurer shall submit an updated financial report to the board on a monthly basis and at the meetings of the Member association, shall financially audit the concessions, fundraisers, and other money raising events sponsored by the association on an as-needed basis as determined by the Board, and shall provide other assistance to the President, Vice President and Secretary/ Parliamentarian, as may from time to time be requested. The Treasurer will maintain correct signature cards at the bank and shall be a signer of association checks and other legal instruments. The treasurer coordinates with the high school and middle school coaching staff’s along with various other booster club board members to create a road-map budget for the fiscal year of the booster club. After gathering all pertinent information, a budget is proposed to the board and then, upon approval, actual expenses are tracked and managed per the budget. Other duties include making payments, depositing income, and filing non-profit tax returns.

4.8The Fundraising Chair shall work in conjunction with the Treasurer and President to ensure proper funding is acquired to support the needs of the program. He/She will secure or lead others to secure program sponsors and donors..

4.9 The Executive Director shall, in consultation with their respective board members, be responsible for all matters related to the playing or scheduling of the various volleyball teams and tournaments. The Director will also be responsible for coordinating post season activities, shall attend all necessary league meetings, and shall be that sports representative on the Board of Directors. The Director shall have the responsibility for coordinating with the Board of Directors the policy for: field assignment, coach selection process, budget approval process, equipment manager process, as well as the implementation of other policy making decisions rendered by the Board.

4.10 All documents pertaining to the association shall be filed and stored at the end of each play season. This will include, but not limited to: All meeting minutes, membership roster, bank statements, monthly treasurers report, cash verification forms, participant registration forms, coaches forms, and coaches documents.

4.11 Committees – standing committees will be Fund-raising committee, to layout and execute activities to raise funds for various program activities; Hospitality committee, to plan senior night and end of year banquet; Public Relations committee, to maintain club’s website.

ARTICLE V – Budgets
5.1 The Board of Directors shall submit a proposed annual budget by end of July annually.

5.2 Expenditures must remain within the budget guidelines approved by the Board of Directors and the general membership. Expenditures exceeding 20% must be approved by the Board of Directors, which will be based on the present overall financial position of the association.

5.3 All equipment and/or capital project purchases will require board approval. ‘Pope HS Volleyball Booster Club Expense Request Form’ must be completed and submitted for review and approval.

5.4 Any purchase less than $500 may be carried out by any board member subject to their approved budget and authorization by the President or Vice President and Treasurer.

5.5 Association must retain a reserve for emergency purposes representing a minimum of 10% of total income from previous year.

ARTICLE VI – Dissolution’s Clause
6.1 In the event of dissolution of the association, all property will be sold. All outstanding debts shall be settled and any remaining proceeds shall or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose as determined by the outgoing board.

ARTICLE VII – Board member Attendance
7.1 All members of the Board of Directors are expected to be in attendance at all board meetings whether it is a regular scheduled meeting or a meeting called by the President. If a Board Member cannot attend a meeting, he/she must notify the President, the Vice President or the Secretary/ Parliamentarian, at least eight (8) hours before the meeting begins. Failure to notify the above people, and failure to attend meeting, will be handled by the President as follows:
First Offense: The member must submit in writing to the Board the reason for his/her absence and intentions on where he/she stands with serving as a Board Member.
Second Offense: The member must state his/her reason for absence to the Board in person at the next scheduled Board meeting and request permission to remain on the Board.
Third Offense: The member will be removed from his/her position on the Board with written notification of removal.
It will be required that after removal from office, all correspondence, material, receipts, financial data, equipment, monies due, etc. with respect to the association must be returned to the association within seven (7) days. All returns must be made to a member of the Executive board.

ARTICLE VIII – Election of Officers
8.1 Board member nominations will be submitted in writing and must be received by the Secretary/ Parliamentarian, seven days prior to end of season meeting. The names of all nominees will be entered on a single ballot and submitted to the membership present at the end of season association meeting. The nominees getting the greatest numbers of votes will be deemed to have been elected as the new Board of Directors. There is no proxy voting. Each member is entitled to one vote only. There is no fractional voting. A minimum of two-thirds of the Board of Directors must reside within Cobb County.

8.2 A nominee must be a member in good standing not in legal dispute with the association and shall have been an active participant in the association functions for the previous annual year.

8.3 Association members recorded on membership roster for more than 15 days are eligible to vote.

ARTICLE IX – Legal Instruments
9.1 All checks issued by the New PHSVBC must bear one (1) signature, which must be an officer of the association.

9.2 Board and association approval must be obtained prior to the borrowing of funds on behalf of PHSVBC. Loan documents shall be signed by a minimum of two Executive board members.

ARTICLE X – Compensation
10.1 All board members serve without compensation for financial re-numeration in any regard.

ARTICLE XI – Records
11.1 The Board of Directors may review the financial records of the association at any time.
11.2 All books and records of the association may be inspected by any member, Director, agent, attorney or proper person within 24 hours upon written request stating such purpose. Copies of such records shall be furnished upon the paying of the costs associated with compiling same.

ARTICLE XII – Liability Insurance
12.1 Once feasible through proper funding, liability Insurance with adequate coverage shall be maintained by the association.

ARTICLE XIII - Use of Facilities and Property
13.1 All equipment owned and operated by PHSVBC shall be locked and remain on Pope High School premises unless otherwise authorized by the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE XIV - Hardship clause
14.1 Financial hardships may be available as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors. All financial hardships must be submitted to the Board for approval. Persons applying for hardship are required to volunteer a minimum of 15 hours per child as directed by the board or participate in additional fundraising. Failure to complete assigned hours will prohibit child / children from participating in future PHSVBC sports.

ARTICLE XV - Election of Coaches
15.1 Head coaches must have previous verifiable volleyball coaching experience with a good following. Head coaches may not coach a team in which an immediate family member is a participant. Assistant coaches are selected by head coach and are subject to board approval.

15.2 All coaches and or Assistant coaches may be removed after three (3) justifiable written complaints and is decided by the Board of Directors that removal is in the best interest of the club.

These Bylaws may be amended when necessary, by a two-thirds majority of the Board of Directors. Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Secretary/ Parliamentarian, to be sent out with regular Board announcements.
These Bylaws were approved by the Board of Directors on March 25th, 2023.

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