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Juniors Summer Training Groups

All groups will be added to teamsnap tomorrow, so you will have your summer schedule! Below are the summer training groups!

Pope Training Group

W. Abney

H. Akers

H. Brennan

L. Cooling

E. Crawford

L. Grigsby

A. Joachim

M. Manay

F. Shea

L. Skapinetz

V. Suels

P. Cameron

T. Dean

M. Burns

K. Knotts

B. Remmy

J. Rodgers

M. Shiram

I. Troughton

L. Wideman

K. Hennessy

M. Bass

H. Kleeman

D. Salamat Ravandi

Hounds Training Group

S. Deganello

E. Goldman

Z. Martinez

LA. Smith

P. Tarvin-Peek

H. Tavakoli

R. Marshman

E. Moore

B. Murphy

N. Nunez

H. Robin

L. Levy

K. Mohandas

S. Findling

O. Kutscher

A. Murphy

M. Padmanabhan

C. Perozzi

A. Sandhu

C. Stone

Q. Allgood

E. Berryessa

M. Jobst

A. Kimmel

O. Murugan

M. Scott

E. White

P. Levin

A. Barnes

K. Carson

D. Cook

A. Daigre

A. Fuller

I. Lowe

N. Perozzi

L. Rhea

C. Schnurr

R. Camara

M. Clark

T. Efemini

L. Mousavi

E. Chaloupek

C. Doenitz

K. Koehler

B. Ross


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